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Our Company, Westlink Facilities Management Company Limited (WFML), is a subsidiary of Wemabod Limited.

We desire to carry out a detailed facility audit in a number of properties for which we are facility managers.

Your firm has been nominated for consideration as consultant to carry out the exercise.

The objectives of the facility audit are to:

  1. Have an independent enumeration of the existing infrastructure in the facilities such as; electrical, mechanical, HVAC, energy consumption, plumbing, cleaning, security, safety, waste management, parking, canteen, sickbay etc.
  2. Evaluate the condition and state of repair of the associated equipment such as; A/C, lift, generator, diesel storage, fire prevention and fighting equipment, cold and hot water system, water fountain system, lighting and power outlet fitting, waste disposal system, water source, storage and treatment, transformers and electrical distribution equipment etc.
  3. Assess the building structure, wall, ceiling, roof, window, ironmongery, painting etc. 
  4. Conduct general risk assessment of the facilities including unsafe practices, flammable material and other hazardous material etc. 
  5. Carry out external environmental condition of the premises such as car park, drainage, fence, horticulture and landscape etc. 
  6. Determine suitable and effective model of facility management services to deploy.

This is not exhaustive, as any other material factor that could degrade/improve the functionality and safety of the facility is also required.

Your proposal must contain:

  • Brief profile of your organization and locations where you have delivered similar facility audit
  • Methodology to deploy in carrying out the proposed facility audit
  • Complete commercials

Please note that the allowable duration to deliver the facility audit report is within 3 weeks from the date of our issuance of the work order.

Find attached the properties for which we desire to have the facility audit.

Your proposal should be in a wax sealed envelope tagged REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL ON FACILITY AUDIT- OICL and addressed to WESTLINK FACILITY MANAGEMENT LIMITED, dropped in the tender box of WEMABOD LIMITED at the 5th floor of Western House, 8/10 Broad Street Lagos before the close of business on Friday 13th October, 2023

Click here  to download ==> Description of Properties For Facility Audit